picture of instructor heidi

meet heidi

Heidi loves hiking with her family, knitting cozy socks, and baking sourdough. Her favorite way to destress is to seek out things that make her laugh or a good piece of chocolate. Her favorite pose is tree and she loves to do “tree on a tree” while out hiking. She loves teaching vinyasa flow and showing people you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga.

picture of instructor courtney

meet courtney

Courtney loves the mountains of West Virginia and the beaches of Naples, Florida. When she’s not chasing waterfalls, she likes to enjoy a hot cup of tea, play with her three spoiled dogs, and bake sweet treats for friends and family. She enjoys putting on a good playlist and letting the music guide her flow. Restorative is her favorite style to teach because she loves creating an environment of relaxation for her students!

picture of instructor lauri

meet lauri

Lauri loves hot drinks, summer beach time, and vacationing anywhere away from home. Her favorite ways to destress usually involve a hot bath and either a run or a good book. Her favorite pose is the one she doesn’t like being in, because it means it’s the pose her body and mind need. She’s passionate about all things yoga, especially kundalini!

picture of instructor jodye

meet jodye

Jodye loves the mountains, traveling to new places and especially visiting Peru. Her favorite way to destress is to enjoy a hot mug of Mexican hot chocolate while snuggling with her cat, Olga the Warrior Princess. When she’s not practicing yoga, she can be found hiking, playing badminton or engrossed in a good book. Her favorite pose is half moon and she loves teaching a good vinyasa flow!

picture of instructor brooke

meet brooke

Brooke is an adventure seeker and loves traveling anywhere that she’s never been. She enjoys hiking around WV, but has been spotted hiking in Peru and the Alps. She’s a Swiftie who enjoys tuning into Law and Order to destress. Her favorite pose is the headstand and enjoys practicing outside. She loves variety in her practice and enjoys everything from yin to power yoga to restorative – it all depends on the day!

picture of instructor heather

meet heather

Heather’s favorite place to be is in the forests of WV in the fall. She describes WV as the Colorado of the east. She loves IPAs and pale ales with friends, jamming on her bass guitar, and writing in her journal. Her favorite yoga pose varies depending on the day, but you’ll usually find her working on her strength in Warrior II. She loves all things yoga, but especially enjoys teaching vinyasa flow.

picture of instructor sarah

meet sarah

Sarah loves being outside, especially during the fall to enjoy the beauty of the WV mountains. She is a sparkling water drinker and loves to cook. Her favorite thing about WV is the topography of our ancient mountains – they provide a sense of comfort and security. Her favorite poses are supported bridge or pigeon. She loves to teach yoga nidra and taking her students to that sweet spot between sleep and awake where magical healing can happen. 

picture of instructor gabrielle

meet gabrielle

Gabrielle loves to wander through the beautiful, glowing mossy forests of West Virginia in every season. Thailand is her favorite place she’s ever been and she’s a fan of de-stressing through dinacharya and hugs. Gabrielle always seeks to empower students’ body autonomy in her work and you’ll find her practicing dhyana regularly.

meet laura

Laura loves coffee, water with a splash of lemon, and her Brittany Spaniel. Her favorite thing about West Virginia is the people – they are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people around! She loves spending time with her husband, kids, and granddaughters. Her favorite way to destress is by practicing yoga and her favorite pose is crescent lunge. This pose opens the hip, PSOAS, and chest and lengthens our spine. Her favorite class to teach is a Vinyasa Flow – come see her on Fridays at 9:30!

meet jason

Jason loves coffee, ginger tea, and the delicious kombucha from Neighborhood Kombuchery. Anywhere near an art museum is his favorite place to vacation. He enjoys the beach, prefers dogs over cats, and loves the great people and places of WV. He prefers alignment based yoga and triangle is his pose of choice. He plays his acoustic guitar in his free time and you an hear that guitar during the savasna of his Hatha classes!

meet sheray

Sheray loves tea, sparkling water, and spending time outside with her kids. The beach is one of her favorite places, especially the Outer Banks. Taking a yoga class is her preferred way to relieve stress and her favorite pose is rag doll. Her family and friends are what make West Virginia special. She loves a good Vinyassa flow and you can find Shery teaching a Chakra series on Tuesdays at 5:00 stating May 7!

meet kelsey

Kelsey is a fan of the mountains, the beach, coffee, and tea. She loves the winter and visiting places that she’s never been to. In her free time she likes to read and movement of all kinds is her favorite way to destress. Her favorite part of West Virginia is all the beautiful hiking. She likes to practice all styles of yoga and half moon is her favorite pose.